Fujikura 45S Fusion Splicer Kit with CT50 & Fiber Holders

The Fujikura 45S is a cladding alignment fusion splicer that can prepare and load both fibers simultaneously, reducing the splicing cycle time by 30% or more. It has a movable 4.95-inch color LCD monitor, a faster tube heater, and an automatic fiber placement correction feature. It is designed for portability, ruggedness, speed, and reliability in small to mid-fiber count applications.

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The Fujikura 45S is based on active clad alignment technology, which ensures consistent quality and low splice loss. It can splice single-mode, multimode, and specialty fibers, and supports various splice modes and programs. It also has a long-life battery that can perform up to 200 splice and heat cycles per charge

The 45S has several features that make it user-friendly and easy to operate. It has a movable LCD monitor that can be adjusted for optimum visibility in different conditions, even under direct sunlight. It has an easy sleeve positioning function that guides the user to place the sleeve correctly. It has a shock, dust, and water-resistant body that can withstand harsh environments. It also has a wireless communication function that allows remote maintenance and software updates via a smartphone app

The 45S has a unique mechanism that enables simultaneous fiber preparation, which streamlines the splicing process and saves time. It comes with a new SS05 double fiber stripper, an AD-16A fiber adapter for the CT50 cleaver, and a clever set plate mechanism that allow the user to strip, cleave, and set both fibers at the same time. It also has a new clamp mechanism that provides one-handed fiber setting and simultaneous fiber setting

The 45S has a faster fiber transportation time, thanks to a mechanism that links the wind protector and the fiber clamp. When the user opens the wind protector, the fiber clamp opens automatically, making it easy to transfer the fiber to the heater. The 45S also has retention clamps that prevent the fiber from jumping out after the fiber clamp is opened

The 45S has a faster heating time, as it heats the reinforcing sleeve between two heaters in the front and rear. It can shorten the heating time by 15% when using the FP-03 sleeve. The 45S can also optimize the heating operation according to the environmental conditions, sleeve type, and battery pack condition

The 45S is 30% faster than the previous model, the 41S+, as it streamlines the preparation process, reduces the transport time, and delivers faster heating. It can perform a splice cycle in as fast as 13 seconds and a heat cycle in as fast as 15 seconds

The Fujikura 45S is the essential splicer for anyone who needs a fast, reliable, and user-friendly fusion splicer for small to mid-fiber count applications. It is a versatile and powerful device that can handle various types of fibers and splicing modes. It is also a durable and portable device that can work in any environment and situation

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