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 At Simbol, we have lots of experience shipping orders around the world.

Whether you’re located in North or South America, Western Europe, Asia or Australia, you can count on us, we’ve already shipped to most of the countries in the world and have the expertise to do so.

No matter the size of the order we will ship it through your preferred courier, on your account number. We schedule pick-ups daily from such couriers as FedExPurolator, TNT, DHL...

For larger orders, we will be pleased to deal with your preferred freight company; Yellow, Fed Ex Freight and others.

Simbol’s logistics team will also assist you with any documentation required to clear your order through customs. Over the years, we’ve learned that specific documents are required for each country so orders can clear customs swiftly. Our logistics employees will help make the import and export of product as easy as possible for you.

Sending the right documents with precise information along with your order will guarantee that you receive the goods promptly and help prevent any additional cost or delays.

From the moment you contact us, we will keep in touch with you throughout the purchase, payment, package reception and up to the point that you confirm your satisfaction.

This means that if you need to return equipment under warranty or the ROR period, all you need to do is request an RMA number PRIOR to re-shipping the equipment to us. We will then provide you with a commercial invoice, and whatever other documents you require.

The vast quantity of equipment that we have in stock will save you time. How ‘s that? Well let’s say the equipment you purchased fails our pre-shipment quality testing, we usually have several other units to choose from in stock in the warehouse. It also means that we will be able to propose a similar unit that will meet your needs in case we cannot fulfill your order. Our huge inventory gives us the ability and freedom to sell only the best units and keep the others for parts.

Packaging Care

The proper way to package an optical spectrum analyzer
Demonstration of the box in a box OSA packaging system
Sensitive measurement equipment packaging care
Double wall corrugated shipping box for measurement equipment

To make sure that a product sold to you will arrive safely at your place in top shape,one must have amongst other things, a good knowledge in packaging and shipping methods.

Most telecom test equipment is highly precise and sensitive and some of them simply do not travel well. What good will it do you if your unit is destroyed in transport?

Over the years, we have developed a great deal of expertise in shipping orders locally and internationally.

We have learned, sometimes the hard way, that Optical Test Equipment requires extra packaging care.

In some cases, we will only offer specific models for sale on the local market knowing that the item would not be received in perfect working order if it has to make too many hops along the way.That is why, we standardized the following precautions:

All orders are granted the same quality packaging regardless of size, value or quantity to be sent out.

To prevent water and dust damage, equipment is encased in a large transparent bag.

Box edges are taped Double wall corrugated shipping box for measurement equipmentand always strapped.

We always write clearly on the box the customers’ address as well as sales order number so that it is easy for you to identify in case the shipping documentation is lost in transit or on arrival.

All orders are shipped in double wall boxes with a minimum thickness of 2 inches of shock absorbing material around the contents.

We package medium and large orders with the ‘Instapak’ Foam Packaging system. Although costly, this method helps us ensure that the equipment arrives at your establishment safe thus minimizing returns and frustration.

Some equipment is shipped in a custom made ‘Box in a box’ system. We use this method primarily when shipping heavy equipment such as OSAs. Large and heavy items have a tendency to crush the packaging foam. This phenomenon can result in damaged boxes, particularly on the corners if the box gets dropped.

Our heavy duty boxes are also equipped with handles for proper and easy handling by the transporters and also the receiver.