Our Calibration

Simbol offers high quality calibrations for several categories of fiber optic instruments. We perform all Calibrations in our lab. Several calibrations are listed on our website. If a model or a category is not listed; please contact us for availability. Depending on the type of calibration you choose, your equipment will be returned to you with a calibration label, a calibration certificate and all related calibration data. If a unit is not successfully calibrated, we will evaluate the cost to repair the unit and provide you with a quotation. Upon your approval we will perform the necessary repairs and get your equipment back to you in good working condition.

Superior Fiber Optic Calibration Services

You can expect superior fiber optic calibration services built on proven calibration procedures in accordance to our thoroughly maintained Quality System. Being an independent lab, most procedures were developed ' inhouse' with the goal of ensuring that each instrument is calibrated in accordance to generally available manufacturer's specifications and PhotonCom's own test procedures. In many instances, our procedures surpass the manufacturer's fiber optic calibration procedures.

For example many wavelength meter manufacturers will issue calibration certificates based on a single wavelength verification. Our procedures guarantee that we test several values within the specifications. We measure and calibrate at several wavelengths, we ensure that power specifications are also met and we also measure several other specifications such as linearity, stability, ripple, etc.,.

We see our services as being ''better than calibration'. This means that not only is the product confirmed to meet specifications; it is also, when possible and not too much time consuming, realigned to bring it back to the center of the specifications.

Instrumentation used during calibration is traceable to N.I.S.T or to Canadian National Research Council (C.N.R.C) standards when applicable.

Calibration Explained

Basic Calibration

This calibration is performed to ensure the functionality of the equipment and to verify that the “key features” meet the manufacturer’s published specifications, wherever possible, at the points tested. The “key features” are the most important parameters of an equipment (i.e. for an attenuator the “key feature” is the attenuation accuracy).

This calibration will assure confidence in the equipment; it comes with a calibration label and a certificate of calibration.

  • Calibration Certificate
  • Calibration Label
Premium Calibration

This calibration is performed using manufacturer’s performance tests procedure, where available. It is designed to assure that the equipment meets or exceeds manufacturer’s published specifications. Since we have extended knowledge and experience within the fiber optics field, in many instances our procedures surpass the manufacturer’s calibration procedures (i.e. Given that we have a lot of repair experience with these equipments, we perform additional tests that are not verified by the manufacturer’s procedures and that we consider as very important.).

The equipment will be shipped with calibration label, certificate of premium calibration and calibration data.

  • Calibration Certificate
  • Calibration Label
  • Calibration Data
Functional Test Certificate

This certificate is provided in order to assure that the equipment was tested in compliance with a quality system, using PhotonCom’s calibration procedures. At the completion of the test, the equipment COMPLIED with the performance capability.

  • The equipment is shipped with a functional test certificate.

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