FlexTester3 Kit, FLX380-302U OTDR

FLX380 FlexTester3 OTDR with LinkMap

The FLX380 FlexTester3 family provides the world’s smallest, lightest, most complete single-mode broadband network OTDRs with integrated optical light source, power meter, and visual fault locator (VFL).

Delivering an unmatched combination of optical test functions, ease-of-use, portability and value, FlexTester3 models offer the following benefits:

  • Easily identify, locate and characterize connectors, splices, splitters and macrobends using new LinkMap with Pass/Fail!
  • Toggle between LinkMap and Trace views at the push of a button
  • Complete in- or out-of-service PON OTDR and power measurements from a single port using patented* ServiceSafe™ capability
  • Test through PON splitters up to 1:128
  • High dynamic range using narrow pulse widths
  • Verify PON power levels and complete live PON OTDR tests without disrupting service
  • Automatically detect, identify, locate and measure macrobends and splitters
  • Measure end-to-end link length, loss and ORL
  • Simplify insertion loss measurements, reduce test time and eliminate setup errors using integrated source and power meter with AFL's Wave ID
  • Briight, indoor/outdoor display easily viewed, even in direct sunlight!
  • Test all day (>12 hours) without replacing or recharging batteries
  • Instant On:  Ready to test in < 5 seconds
  • Designed for outside plant:  Rugged, handheld, lightweight

The FlexTester3 family is offered in four models to best suit your application requirements:

  • FLX380-304:  Verify both in-service (live) and out-of-service FTTx networks from a single port.  Includes 1310/1550/1650 nm live PON OTDR with integrated PON power meter.
  • FLX380-303:  Similar to FLX380-304, but with 1310/1550/1625 nm live PON OTDR.
  • FLX380-302:  Complete out-of-service testing at all FTTx PON wavelengths (1310/1490/1550 nm).
  • FLX380-300:  Lowest cost, high-performance, all-in-one 1310/1550 nm OTDR for out-of-service installation testing or troubleshooting both FTTx PON and point-to-point networks.
  • All models include integrated VFL plus Wave ID source and power meter.

The FLX380 FlexTester3 user interface features an easy-to-use, top-down menu structure. Fully automatic and expert modes are available for both novice and expert users. User interface software supports over a dozen languages including English, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Polish, Russian, Spanish and Turkish.

Over 1000 OTDR test results may be saved in Telcordia SR-4731 .SOR file format.  Stored OTDR and OPM results may be transferred to PC via USB or Bluetooth® for viewing, analysis, and professional report generation using the included Windows® compatible TRM® 2.0 Basic Test Results Manager software.

Advanced analysis and reporting capabilities, including bi-directional trace averaging, are available by upgrading to TRM 2.0 Advanced.


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Features and applications by model:

 FeaturesFLX380 MODELS
 Compatible with all AFL optical power meters and laser sources
 Compatible with AFL optical fiber identifiers (OFI)
Integratede high-power optical power meter with tone detection
Integrated Visual Fault Locator (VFL with visible red laser)
1310nm - OTDR, PON OTDR, laser source (CW, Wave ID, tone generation)
1550nm - OTDR, PON OTDR, laser source (CW, Wave ID, tone generation) 
1490nm - OTDR, PON OTDR, laser source (CW, Wave ID, tone generation) 
1625nm - FTTx Live PON OTDR & laser source with 1625 nm filtered detector for in-service PON testing 
1650nm - FTTx Live PON OTDR & laser source with 1625 nm filtered detector for in-service PON testing
FTTx PON Power Meter (Detects and measures downstream 1490 and/or 1550 nm PON power levels)
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