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Simbol Test Systems has a lot of experience in the troubleshooting, repair and calibration of JDSU/Viavi equipment. When Viavi was created, it was decided it would no longer support many of the legacy JDSU branded optical test products such as RM meters, Attenuators, Optical Switches, etc. An agreement was reached between Viavi and Simbol so JDSU Customer support would refer customers in needs of service for such equipment to Simbol. Over the years, Simbol also gained experience in the repair and calibration of Viavi branded products mostly its MAP modular test platform and the numerous modules that can be fit in that mainframe.

Viavi solutions is the test equipment manufacturer spin off of JDSU after it split into two companies namely Viavi and Lumentum. Since JDSU started making test equipment, it acquired many Test Equipment manufacturers trade marks namely TTC , Acterna, Wandel and Golterman (WG), Wavetek, Circadiant, Innocor and others all involved in test solutions for the telecom market.

The oldest company part of the JDSU group was Uniphase (the U at after JDS) In the late 1980s, the company became JDS Fitel when it formed a partnership with Fitel, a Japanese fiber optic and optical connector company. In 1999, JDSU was formed by the merger between JDS Fitel and Uniphase which was founded in 1979 in a San Jose, California garage, as a manufacturer of lasers for chip makers and scanners and then became known as JDS Uniphase then JDSU. JDSU was mostly operating in Ottawa, Canada with JDS being the first letter of founder’s names whom had founded JDS Optics (1981). Through all those years, JDSU was developing optical components and optical-telecommunication test equipment. Today Viavi Solutions continues to manufacture testing and monitoring equipment for networks. It also develops optical technology used for a range of applications including material quality control, currency anti-counterfeiting and 3D motion sensing.

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