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Simbol Test Systems has limited experience in repair, troubleshooting and calibration of Thorlabs products as most of them are passive alignement pieces. Still, if you are experiencing problems with a Thorlabs active piece of test equipment, do not hesitate to get in touch with Simbol and describe the problem to see if we are up to the challenge.

Thorlabs, Inc. is an American privately held optical equipment company headquartered in Newton, New Jersey. It was founded in November 1989 by Alex Cable a former Bell Labs designer. The company was named after Alex's black Labrador retriever Thor.

Thorlabs designs and manufactures a wide range of products (approximately 20,000 different products) mostly related to the field of optics.  Here is a non exhaustive list:

1. Imaging Systems and Components: These include various types of cameras and other components used in imaging applications.
2. Microscopy Cameras: Cameras specifically designed for use in microscopes.
3. Industrial Metrology: Equipment used for precise measurement in industrial settings.
4. Optogenetics: Tools for controlling and monitoring the activities of individual neurons in living tissue.
5. Optical Tables & Breadboards: These are used to provide a stable platform for carrying out optical experiments.
6. Optomechanical Components and Devices: These include various mechanical devices and components used in optical systems.
7. Fiber Optics and Fiber Optomechanics: Products related to the transmission of light by means of thin, flexible fibers of glass or other transparent solids.
8. Lasers and Coherent Sources: These include various types of lasers and other coherent light sources.
9. Optical Elements and Systems: These include various types of lenses, mirrors, and other optical components.
10. Polarization Optics: These are used to control the polarization state of light.
11. Test and Measurement Equipment: This includes a wide range of devices used to test and measure various optical properties.
12. Active Optical Devices and Drivers & Mounts: These include devices that actively manipulate light, and the drivers and mounts used with them.
13. Power & Energy Meters and Detectors: These are used to measure the power and energy of light.
14. Beam Characterization: Tools for measuring the quality of a laser beam.
15. Spectroscopy: Instruments used to measure properties of light over a specific portion of the electromagnetic spectrum.
16. Quantum Technologies: Products related to the field of quantum physics. 

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