AFL USB Digital Fiber Inspection probe

The DFS1 is available in three different kits which provide either PC/UPC adapters, APC adapters, or no adapters. All kits include soft carry case, a storage box to hold up to six adapter tips, FiberScope display software update for M-series OTDRs (M200, M700) or C-series OTDRs and Certification Testers (C840, C850, C860, C880), and a quick reference guide.
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DFS1 Digital FiberScope PC/UPC Inspection Kit includes:
(1) DFS1-00-04X0MR DFS1 USB Digital FiberScope
(1) DFS1-00-0001MR Universal 1.25 mm male PC adapter tip
(1) DFS1-00-0002MR Universal 2.5 mm male PC adapter tip
(1) DFS1-00-0003MR SC and FC female bulkhead adapter tip
(1) DFS1-00-0004MR LC female bulkhead adapter tip
(1) DFS1-04-0001MZ soft carry case for scope and adapters
(1) 8500-05-0001MZ One-Click Cleaner SC, ST, FC
(1) 8500-05-0002MZ One-Click Cleaner LC/MU
(1) 1400-01-0093MZ 6-compartment adapter tip storage box
(1) DFS1-001-00 DFS1 software update for M200, M210, M700, C840, C850, C860, C880

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