Yokogawa AQ6370 OSA

Yokogawa AQ6370 OSA Calibration and Repair Services

We have expertise in AQ6330 repair and can fix problems related to hardware or firmware. Here is a short list of repairs that we can perform and have success most of the time. Repair of defective boards, Repair or replacement of chopper motor, Adjustment of monochromator, Repair or replacement of RF module - Send us your unit for a full evaluation.
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Once completed, you will receive our diagnostic and recommendations. Assuming that the equipment is worth repairing, you will get a Repair Quote. We will wait for your acceptance or rejection before initiating any further action. We will solve any error code or error message you might encounter.


AQ6370 Calibration: After repair, your OSA will return back to you fully calibrated with calibration data.

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