Agilent 81600B TLS Repair and Calibration Services

Agilent 81600B TLS Repair and Calibration Services Simbol specialises in the repair of TLS, OSA and wavemeters. We revive over 95% of Agilent TLS sent to us if original Agilent seals intact
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The Agilent 81600B Tunable Laser Source is a family offering many options for different wavelength range and power.  Although the Keysight - Agilent 81600B Tunable Laser has been discontinued for a few years now, that series was a very robust line-up worth repairing. Building from its experience on the previous 81640A and 81680A units which are very similar, Simbol has a solid expertise at repair of 81600B. We revive over 95% of such TLS sent to us if they come with original Agilent seals intact. We repair these units at fixed rate and it is extremely difficult to state what repair is needed based on alarm on display.  Best is that you send us an email with a problem description and we will give you some feedback on the reported problem and give you an RMA with estimated turn arond time.  So weather you have an option 130, 132, 142, 150, 160, 200, 201.  We have units for sell so you are welcome to visit AssetRelay and view our inventory.


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