FiberPro PS3400 Nw P.Scrbl 1550/5V

FiberPro's Polarization Scrambler Module performs polarization scrambling at high speed and make Degree Of Polarization (DOP) zero on time average. It is based on all fiber technology that has enabled us to build practically zero insertion loss, back reflection free and a compact size. With reliable performance of PS3300 it can be used in long-haul system, PMD mitigation, component characterization test and sensor application, etc.

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Output DOP<15%
Modulation FrequencyFactory set between 600KHz ~ 1.2 MHz
Frequency DifferenceFactory set between 100KHz ~ 300 KHz
Center Wavelength1530nm, 1550nm, 1590nm
Operating Wavelength Range>80nm
Max. Input Power1 W
Insertion Loss<1.0 dB (without connectors)
Average PMD<0.3ps
PDL<0.03 dB (without connectors)
Return Loss<65dB (without connectors)
Input/Output Connectorization900µm loose tube pigtail without connectors
Fiber Length from PZT Box1 ± 0.2 meter
Power Input100 ~ 250 V, 50Hz/60Hz free voltage
Power Consumption<20VA
Operating Temperature0°C ~50°C (DOP <15%)(with non-condensing)
Calibration Look-up Table Temperature Range0°C ~ 50°C
Storage Temperature-40°C ~ 70°C
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