FiberPro PS3210-155 NEW Pol.Scrambler

FIBERPRO’s Polarization Scramblers perform polarization scrambling at high speed and make Degree Of Polarization (DOP) zero on time average. It is based on allfiber technology that has enabled us to build practically zero insertion loss, back reflection free and a compact polarization scrambler.

Polarization dependence is one of the biggest issues in fiber-optic measurement, communications and sensors. PDL in components and equipments, Polarization Dependent Gain (PDG) in EDFA are typical examples. Depolarizing is one of the solutions for the polarizing problems. Polarization Scrambler provides the best solution for most situations in which the depolarization is needed. This equipment provides you with an excellent way to characterize/qualify optical property of optical devices. Furthermore, our PS can solve the problems associated with PDG of EDFAs by scrambling polarization of the optical signal.

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FiberPro PS3210-155-F/A Polarization Scrambler with FC/APC, NEW in the box

Specifications at a glance for the PS3210-155-F/A

  • Operating wavelength range: 80 nm
  • Center operating wavelength: 1550 nm
  • Insertion-Loss: < 1 dB (with connectors)
  • Input/Output connectorization: FC/APC

Additional Information

  • Degree of Polarization: < 5%
  • Average PMD: < 0.3 ps
  • Back reflection:
    • < -65 dB (without connector)
    • < -60 dB (FC/APC)
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