Elliot Gold Series XYZ Flexure Stage

Elliot Gold™Series XYZ Flexure Stage with High-Precision Adjusters
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Elliot Gold™ Series XYZ Flexure Stage with High-Precision Adjusters

  • 20 nm resolution
  • 2 mm travel per axis
  • 4.5 kg load capacity
  • Minimal arcuate displacement
  • Orthogonal alignment grooves
  • Patented high resolution adjusters
  • Ultra-stable patented design XYZ flexure stage

The MDE122 flexure stage is fitted with simple manual adjusters and provides 20 nm of adjustment resolution with 2 mm of travel in each of the three axes.

The Elliot Gold™ series XYZ flexure stage is a development of the immensely popular original stage invented and patented by Martock Design, now a subsidiary of Elliot Scientific. Flexure stages are ideal for high precision device manipulation.

MDE122 XYZ Flexure Stage Axis Diagram Applications range from fibre launch systems for single-mode, multimode and polarization maintaining fibres as well as waveguide alignment, through to the manipulation of microstructures in bioscience. The arcuate displacement (vertical displacement due to longitudinal flexure motion) is up to 4 times better than competing products.

The optical axis height of all accessories is 18 mm above the top plate, placing the optical axis 94 mm above the bottom of the stage.

Configuration Right handed version

  • Adjuster Type Three high-precision adjusters (Model MDE216) utilizing a patented† lever system with rotary fine and coarse control
  • Stage travel 2 mm in X, Y and Z axes
  • Resolution 20 nm
  • Load capacity 4.5 kg
  • Arcuate Displacement X axis: 20 µm (at maximum range of travel)
  • Y & Z axes 14 µm (at maximum range of travel)
  • Optical axis The optical height of all Flexure Stage accessories is 18 mm above the top plate. Therefore, the optical axis height of a mounted accessory is 94 mm above the bottom of the stage.
  • Includes Model MDE154 clamp set
  • Variants Left-handed version available
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