Fujikura FSM-100P+ Fusion Splicer

The FSM-100M+ and FSM-100P+ specialty fusion splicers provide advanced capabilities suitable for fiber lasers, sensors, research and development and the medical field. New capabilities include an innovative “end-view” fiber observation system, XLDF (Extra Large Diameter Fiber) splicing capability using “Plasma Zone Path Modulation,” enhanced sweep arc technology and other features for glass processing and fiber tapering, and patented split V-groove clamping system. With State of the ARC™ technology, the ARCMaster series of fusion splicers sets a new standard for fusion splicing, providing the ultimate in performance and flexibility.

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Features: FSM-100M+/FSM-100P+

  • End-view observation system for alignment of non-circular, “holey” and other exotic fibers
  • XLDF (Extra Large Diameter Fiber) splicing capability up to 1200 µm diameter fiber
  • Patented “split V-groove” clamping system covers a range from 60 to 2000 µm
  • Advanced “Plasma-Zone” control methods to optimize heating for specific fiber types
    • Motorized electrodes to change electrode gap to optimize Plasma Zone shape
    • Adjustable vertical height to position fiber within Plasma Zone
    • Electrode oscillation produces “Plasma Zone Path Modulation” for XLDF splicing
  • Enhanced ability for fiber shaping, glass processing, tapering, etc.
    • Custom multi-step “Special Functions” programmability
    • Long-travel sweep arc technology (fiber sweep motion up to ± 18 mm)
    • Long-travel left/right Z-drive mechanisms
  • Three selectable arc calibration methods
    • Conventional calibration method for standard fibers
    • New melt-back method with new parameters for special fibers including XLDF
    • Real-time calibration by arc brightness observation (with fiber brightness learning function)
  • Dual 4.1 inch monitors with user-selectable information display
  • Extensive PC connectivity functions (software upload, data upload/download, PC control)

Features: FSM-100P+

  • Three alignment methods for PM fibers
    • Fast PANDA mode alignment by PAS system
    • New IPA mode for aligning all kinds of PM fibers (with learning function for expandable PM fiber auto-recognition database)
    • End-view PM fiber alignment including ability to align PM fiber core
  • Theta rotation for non-PM LMA fibers
    • Provides best alignment of both LMA core and pump guide (inner clad)

ARCMaster FSM-100P+ Fusion Splicer (machine only)


  • FH-100-250 fiber holders (pair)
  • FH-100-400 fiber holders (pair)
  • FH-100-250-EV fiber holders (pair)
  • FH-100-400-EV fiber holders (pair)
  • FH-100-900
  • ELCT3-25-LDF Included electrode for LDF
  • ELCT3-25 STD Electrode (Installed)
  • EV-LS01 End-View Light Source
  • ADC-15 AC adapter
  • ACC-02 AC power cord
  • USB cable
  • Dust cleaning swab set
  • EC-01 Electrode Cleaner
  • Operation manual and software on CD
  • Transit case
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