Fujikura FSM-100M+ Specialty Fusion Splicer

The Fujikura specialty fiber splicer FSM-100M+ series offers a host of innovative technologies to address the rapidly expanding splicing needs for factory, manufacturing, laboratory and R&D applications. These capabilities is revolutionizing the way users splice various types of specialty fibers, LDFs, PMFs and so on.

Each ARCMaster FSM-100M+ Fusion Splicer includes FH-100-250 fiber holders (pair), FH-100-250-EV fiber holders (pair), FH-100-900 fiber holders (pair), ELCT3-25-LDF electrodes (pair), ELCT3-25 standard electrodes (installed), ADC-15 AC adapter, EV-LS01 End-View Light Source, ACC-02 AC power cord, USB cable, dust cleaning swab set, EC-01 electrode cleaner, operation manual and software on CD, and transit case.

Download Fujikura FSM-100 series Specifation SheetDownload Fujikura FSM-100 series Specifation Sheet

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Fujikura FSM-100M+ Specialty Fusion Splicer Specifications at a glance:

Applicable fiber:  SMF (G.652), MMF (G.652), MMF (G.651), NZDSF (G.655), EDF, DCF, LDF
Cladding diameter: 60 to 1200µm
Coating diameter: 60 to 2000µm
Cleave length: 8 to 30 mm (standard 9mm)
Splice loss: 0.03dB (SMF)
Splice time: 15 seconds (SMF)
Electrode life: 2500 arc discharges (SMF splicing at 1mm gap)
Weight: 8.0kg

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