Simbol 60mm (1mm Rod) Sleeve

Fiber splice sleeve is compose of reinforced steel wire, hot melt tube and cross-linked polyolefin. It can reconstruct overlay fiber and can provide good mechanical strength at the junction,to ensure good opti-cal transmission properties.

Full heat shrinkable tube, also known as pre shrink tube, has the following characteristics and ad-vantages compared with the conventional side seal-ing heat shrinkable tube:

After fully shrinked, the heat shrinkable tube compo-nent fully integrated, closely integrated, to prevent parts separating, good appearance. Side sealing shrink in the fusion process will have some problem like bubbles, uneven shrinkage and other problems which cause fiber loss and affect optical transmission!

The most difference between the full sealing type and common type (side seal type) is the processing technic of both end closing.

Full sealing type adopt full range of pre heating shrinkage technical to achieve the seamless between inner and outer of both ends of the tube.

The steel needle is fixed in the middle. Much neater and good appearance. Quality is as good as Tyco SMOUV. Ordinary type adopt the side heat shrinkage, there is a gap between the inner and outer tube of both ends, unattractive.

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Operating Temperature:  -45°C to +100°C
Minimum full recovery temperature:  120°C
Standard Color:  Transparent (other colors available)
Outer Shrink Tube:
Material:  EVA
OD:  2.7mm
Length:  60mm
Inner tube:
Material: EVA
I.D.: 1.2mm
Length:  60mm
Steel Rod:
Material:  304
OD:  1.0mm
Length:  55

100 sleeves per one bag

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