AFL Rogue Quad Certification Kit

AFL’s ROGUE OLTS Certifier measures insertion loss, return loss, and length bi-directionally to industry standards on both multimode and singlemode networks. ROGUE OLTS Certifier is offered as a matched pair of units, with each unit featuring 4 test ports. Two of the ports combine a light source and power meter to enable bi-directional testing on single or dual fibers. The other two ports are a dedicated power meter and a visual fault identifier (VFI) to help troubleshoot networks.
ROGUE OLTS Certifier is available in two models: an intelligent base (iB1) model with an integrated display and compact base (cB1) model that requires a paired smart device. Both models, depending on the chosen configuration, can provide either single-fiber testing on quad SM/MM wavelengths (850/1300/1310/1550 nm) or single and dual-fiber testing at 1310/1550 nm.
ROGUE OLTS Certifier can also be connected to AFL’s Multi-Fiber Switch (MFS) for certifying both 8- and 12-fiber MPO terminated cables bi-directionally to IEEE 40 and 100G test limits. An optional MFS add-on kit contains two Multi-Fiber Switches for either multimode or singlemode testing. The MFS communicates to ROGUE OLTS Certifier via a 30 cm test cord connected to the optical test port.
All ROGUE OLTS Certifier kits include a basic license for Test Result Manager (TRM® 3.0) providing data processing and reporting locally via a PC. The optional aeRos® Pro test management software provides cloud-based workflow integration to remotely build projects, assign jobs, collect results, track progress and generate reports.
The mobile App, TURBO, which is used on the paired smart devices required for cB1 models, is available for free download from Google Play.
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Each ROGUE OLTS Certifier kit includes two (2) of each: ROGUE cB1 or iB1 Base, kit-specific ROGUE Modules, battery, AC charger, carry strap, carry case. Each ROGUE OLTS Certifier kit includes (1) One-Click Cleaner SC/2.5 mm, (1) One-Click Cleaner LC/1.25 mm, switchable test port adapters and test accessories.
 ROGUE OLTS Certifier kit with cB1 Base, Quad SM/MM
 ROGUE cB1 Base, Quad SM/MM Module, battery, AC charger, adjustable carry strap, carry case
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