Nyfors New MiniCoater2

This compact and easy-to-use recoater is extremely portable and allows for quick and easy recoating of optical fibers. NYFORS silicone mold technology provides extreme flexibility for a variety of recoating needs.

With the standard molds the recoated part of the fiber is round with a cross section that perfectly and uniformly matches that of the original fiber coating, but molds can also be selected for both over-coating and undersize recoating of optical fibers. These features make the MiniCoater 2 well suited for research and development operations and small scale production where the fiber type and dimensions need to be changed frequently. The cordless battery operation enables easy movement from lab-to-lab, or from one production area to another. Custom molds are also available.

Injection of the recoating compound is performed manually. While this does require a manual user operation, it also ensures flexibility because the user can immediately switch from one type of recoating compound to another (e.g. from a high-index recoating material to a low-index material) without any need to flush out a recoater reservoir and injection pumping system. This, in addition to the rapidly exchangeable mold sizes and shapes (for uniform diameter and undersize recoating as well as overcoating), ensures the flexibility and adaptability of the MiniCoater 2. Short curing times are achieved through a highly efficient UV LED array, which also has the ability to cure low-index recoating compounds used in fiber laser manufacturing.

In addition, the MiniCoater 2 is compatible with recoating materials that can withstand 200°C high temperature applications such as down-hole applications in oil and gas wells.

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  • Ideal recoater for remote sites such as on oil rigs
  • Very compact design
  • Small, lightweight, highly portable
  • Runs on built-in rechargeable battery or AC adapter
  • Battery provides power for hours of remote-site operation
  • Compatible with high-temperature recoating compounds
  • Easy mold exchange and replacement
  • Handles most fiber dimensions with custom molds available
  • Uniform high quality recoating
  • Short curing times
  • High and low-index recoating
  • Uniform diameter, over-coating and undersize recoating capability
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