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Agilent 81642A Calibration, Premium

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Premium Calibration of Agilent 81642A Tunable Laser Source. The calibration of the 81642A is performed on site in Simbol's lab. Our premium calibration is designed to assure that the TLS meets or exceeds manufacturers published specifications.
The equipment return with: - Calibration label - Calibration certificate - Calibration data Specifications     Calibrated by Simbol:     Relative and Absolute Wavelength Accuracy Mod Hop Free Tuning Wavelength Repeatability Maximum Power Test Power Linearity upper power levels Power Flatness Power Stability Signal-to-source Spontaneous Emission Signal-to-Total-Source Spontaneous Emission     Traceability Instrumentation used during this calibration is traceable to N.I.S.T (National Institute of Standards and Technology) and the C.N.R.C. (Canadian National Research Council). 81642A Repair: If your unit does not pass calibration, we will quote a complete repair and get your TLS back to you in working condition. We will solve any error message or error code you might encounter.