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Agilent 37718A Calibration, Premium

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Premium Calibration of Agilent 37718A OmniBER Communication Performance Analyzer The calibration of the 37718A is performed on site in Simbol's lab. Our premium calibration is designed to assure that the OmniBER meets or exceeds manufacturers published specifications. 
The equipment will return with: - Calibration label - Calibration certificate - All related calibration data   Specifications Calibrated by Simbol:   PDH/DSn Internal Transmitter Clock Accuracy and Offset PDH/DSn Transmitter Output PDH/DSn Receiver Equalization PDH/DSn Receiver Monitor Levels External Mux/Demux PDH/DSn Frequency Measurement and Looped Clock SDH/SONET Transmitter Clock Accuracy External Clock/Data Reference Inputs and Clock Reference Output SDH/SONET Frequency Offsets STM-0/STS1 Transmitter Output Waveshape STM-1/STS-3 Transmitter Output Waveshape SDH/SONET Receiver Equalization SDH/SONET Receiver Monitor Level Multirate Optical Interfaces PDH Transmit/Receive Jitter Amplitude Accuracy SDH Transmit/Receive Jitter Amplitude Accuracy   Traceability Instrumentation used during this calibration is traceable to N.I.S.T (National Institute of Standards and Technology) and the C.N.R.C. (Canadian National Research Council). Agilent 37718 Repair: If your unit does not pass calibration, we will quote a complete repair and get your OmniBER back to you in to working condition. We will solve any error message or error code you might encounter.