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Advantest TQ8325 Calibration

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We calibrate the Advantest TQ8325 in our laboratory. Contact us for a quotation on this equipement.
Instrumentation used during this calibration is traceable to N.I.S.T (National Institute of Standards and Technology) and the C.N.R.C. (Canadian National Research Council). Advantest TQ8325 Repair: If your unit does not pass calibration, we will quote a complete repair and get your Wavelength meter back to you in working condition. We will solve any error code or error message you might encounter.   Product Specification:   Wavelength Range: 480 nm to 1000 nm (short wavelength band); 1000 nm to 1600 nm (long wavelength band) Wavelength Absolute Accuracy: 5 ppm Max Input level: -15 to +3 dBm (480 nm to 1000 nm); -23 to +3 dBm (1000 nm to 1600 nm) Optical Input: 9/125 um  Single mode Display Resolution: 0.001 nm