Fiberpro Audio Fiber Tracer

The FT3000 is designed for fiber optical technicians who need a low cost Maintenance free portable battery operated easy to use instrument for tracing and identifying fibre optic internal and external cables.

With its unique patented technology, The FT3000 produces Audio & Visual signals by tapping the target Fiber/cable. Choose any dark fiber from your ODF or patch panel with a good reflection at the end of the cable, connect the ft3000 to the cable, press start and the FT3000 will give you the end of cable distance from the ODF/Patch Panel, by using the distance mode 1,2,3 on the FT3000 you can tap the cable from 1klms up to 60klms from point to point in the field along the cable route, This allows the engineer to make cable location records from point to point of the fibre network and identify he or she is working on the correct fibre before preparing any maintenance work that is required, this also saves time and money and this is the only safe way of identifying the cable.

It also works on the new generation of bend-insensitive fiber, something difficult or impossible to do with conventional visual fiber identifiers or OTDRs.

These features make the FT3000 extremely useful when troubleshooting & maintaining medium to large premises LANS as well as metropolitan Area Networks.


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Specifications at a glance:

Wavelength:  1550nm
Output optical power:  >20mW (pulse peak power)
Dynamic range:  13dB (one pass loss)
Event detection range (audio):  1~60km (Max)
Event detection range (distance): 1~60km (Max)

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