AFL FCC2 Fiber Connector Cleaning Fluid

FCC2 Enhanced Formula Connector Cleaner and Preparation Fluid
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FCC2 – Fiber Connector Cleaner orderable from Simbol Test Systems:


  • Ozone Safe, Environmentally Safe, US EPA SNAP approved
  • Nonflammable
  • Plastic safe
  • NFPA: Health =1, Flammability =0, Reactivity =1
  • Not Hazardous/Not Regulated for all modes of transport including air-cargo


  • New 3-way dispenser
    • Convenient wetting of AFL Connector Cleaning Tips
    • Easy one-handed wetting of AFL FiberWipes
    • Precision application of cleaner in tight spaces with removable 3-1/2 inch (9cm) extension spray tube (included)
  • High purity cleaning fluid is double-filtered to .2 microns
  • Unlike alcohol, this cleaning fluid dries without a residue
  • Faster drying than Isopropyl alcohol
  • Most connectors cleaned the first time
  • Solvent is “heavy” and therefore floats particles and contaminants from ferrule surfaces
  • Dissolves light oils, salts, grime and uncured epoxies and is especially effective when used with an appropriate mechanical wipe (AFL Connector Cleaning Tips)
  • Electrically conductive, it neutralizes “Particle Cling”, by releasing ionic bonds that often hold containments to the end-face
  • Mildly hydroscopic and will absorb small amounts of water and dissolve light water-based oils
  • Unlimited shelf life on cleaning fluid, 12-month package warrantee
  • Up to 400+ cleanings per container
  • Packaged 12 cans per carton

Leak proof container replaces messy “pump bottles”:

  • Non-aerosol/Non-pressurized metered pump dispenser (140 micro-liters per stroke)Gasket-less dispensing valve eliminates elastomer oil contamination found in aerosols
  • Hermetically sealed container makes it impossible to contaminate solvent, assuring that clean, pure cleaning fluid is dispensed with every spray
  • Compact size fits easy in the hand, and makes it easy to fit in tool kits, instrument cases and inspection packages
  • This unique dispenser with state-of-the-art solvent allows users to easily dispense precise doses of pure, optical-quality cleaning fluid. This makes it easy for process engineers to specify a precise, reliable and repeatable cleaning process for all types of fiber optics connectors, in any location and any environment

Ordering Information:
1 can = 3oz (85g) of FCC2 Fiber Connector Cleaning Fluid

1 case (12 cans) of FCC2 Fiber Connector Cleaning Fluid

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