Corning UAT3-000 Universal Access Tool

Universal Access Tool for accessing fibres mid-span in a Corning single-tube fibre optic cable product; accommodates tubes with outside diameters of 5 mm to 24 mm
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Corning manufactures a full line of products designed to quickly, easily and safely access Corning fibre optic cables in mid-span situations. These products allow the user to enter a cable and access one or more fibres, without
disturbing the continuity of other fibres at that location. Drop cables can be spliced without disturbing working traffic on other fibres.

The universal access tool (UAT3) simplifies a midspan access on any Corning Optical Communications Systems single–tube fibre optic cable product, including ribbon cable. Unlike other access tools requiring strength and awkward handling, the UAT3’s design allows controlled movement. Its unique drive mechanism easily pulls the
tool along the tube as the T–handle is turned. As the tool passes down a length of tube, two blades on opposite sides of the tool score the outside of the tube. These precise cuts on the outside of the tube may then be split to expose the bundled or ribbon fibres inside.

The UAT3 provides an easy and reliable method to access fibres. The concern of accessing dark fibres among “hot fibres” for adding a customer drop is no longer an ordeal. The UAT3 is compatible with single-tube products having outside diameters of 5 mm to 24 mm.

Package Contents

Carrying case, universal access tool, replacement blades, Corning Standard Recommended Procedure, universal gauge card, T-handle, hex wrench, and replacement springs
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