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Photonetics S.A., was a privately held French company known for supplying test equipment in the early days of optic-fiber networks. It was sold to GN Great Nordic in 2000 and became part of GN NetTest . The most famous line of product made by Photonetics was its suite of Tunable Laser Sources (TLS). Photonetics was the supplier of TLS to JDSU which was rebranding them. The JDSU SWS15101, SWS16101 and SWS17101 were in essence Photonetics Tunable Lasers sold by JDSU now Viavi. GN NetTest later became simply NetTest and was acquired by Anritsu. In 2009, Anritsu transfered a selection of NetTest optical instruments to Yenista which was 2003 start-up in France. In 2017, Exfo completed the acquisition of Yenista.

Simbol Test Systems has extensive knowledge of the Photonetics TLS and of other modules they made. That knowlege also applies to the JDSU (now Viavi) branded machines. If you have problems with any module or with a Photonetics Tunics Tunable Laser, give us a call. We stand a good chance to get your machine back up and running at a fraction of the cost of a new one.

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